Ogilvy & Mather has appointed Jacco ter Schegget, as the new President of OgilvyOne China. Ter Schegget, the former President of Tribal Worldwide, Europe and co-CEO of DDB & Tribal Amsterdam, will be relocating to Shanghai this April. Ter Schegget, who will lead 500 employees and also be spending a significant amount of time in Beijing, is hired to bring Ogilvy One strategic direction, growth and development of the the OgilvyOne brand. Shenan Chuang, Group CEO of Ogilvy & Mather Greater China, says the network hired Ter Schegget for his change management skills. That makes sense, we know him as someone who helped Tribal becoming a more international agency, winning it truck loads of awards for innovative work, and growing it bigger than sibling DDB within just 7 years. Asked what draws him to Asia he told us that big things are happening there. “If you want to role out a digital platform in China, there is a substantial budget to do so because the ROI is much more secure. It is thus easier to get things done. In the past two years in my global role, I also enjoyed the strategic thinking, putting the right people in the right places, connecting them, and being a troubleshooter, all at the same time. I like it when it’s hectic.” And the cultural differences? “I have a Finish wife, so am used to cultural differences.” More seriously then: “In my last role at Tribal I had to deal with cultural differences constantly. Talking to a Brit or a Spaniard requires cultural adaptation too. It is not a big deal.” Well, we think it is, so good luck, Jacco, and we’ll be following you on the other side of the globe!