Or rather: 100% Halal would like to present: Jonas and the Sea (for English subtitles in the teaser video, click the CC button). The agency is working on a short animated film and has (as of today) 30 days left  to raise sufficient funds to be able to give the project a happy end. Jonas and the Sea “is a classic story about a man who casts aside everything and everybody in pursuit of his dream. A dream we all share: the quest to find the place you can call home, wherever it is – even if it’s underwater.” The film will be the debut for Marlies van der Wel, illustrator and animator from Amsterdam. Jonas’s concern for the environment and his quest to find his way home come straight from her: “When we grow up we all ask ourselves: Where do I want to be? Where am I happy? Where do I feel at home?  I find these questions fascinating.” The animation is already in production (thanks to some Dutch film funds), but the amount still to be raised would allow to actually finish the production process and pay for distribution. In return for your support you get: tickets for the premiere, credits as Associate Producer or a framed still from the film – depending on the amount you donate. Here you can show 100% Halal the money!