Canadian born and LA-based director Matt Bissonnette (yes, double s, double n, double t) has joined Smarthouse. According to Smarthouse’s press release Matt studied English and Film in Montreal and then earned a Law degree. After only two weeks he retired from legal practice to work in movies. Bissonnette has written and directed three feature films; Looking For Leonard (2002), Who Loves The Sun (2006), and Passenger Side (2010). He was recently tipped by The Independent as “One of ten young American moviemakers to watch.” According to Smarthouse “his work is noted for its classic yet inventive visual style; riveting honest humorous performances; original blend of drama and comedy; smart witty dialogue, and strong mix of music and images.” Since Smarthouse has told us to be a production company that is inspired by film, Bissonnette seems a fantastic win for its roster. But there’s even more than film. Bissonnette is multi-disciplinary; he also writes novels and is a visual artist, with installments of his ongoing video project Your Home Movies, featured at Canada Gallery in New York City. His first commercial work was made in the fall of 2013 for Amsterdam Worldwide; “Both of You” for Sony Viao 2 in 1. Very promising. We look forward to seeing more of him!