Seeing Natwerk‘s Frank de Ruwe, Lard Breebaart and 400 kilos of “stunt grapes” in a Fiat 500, jumping though a burning hoop, got us easily excited for the introduction of this spring’s it-drink: a Lambrusco by the name of Letsgo Brusco. After the success of Bello Limencello, Brusco is Natwerk’s newest alcoholic endeavor. The duo set out to reinvent the Northern Italian drink and improve its image  from the cheapest and sweetest alcoholic beverage we could lay our hands on in our teens, to a modern, sophisticated alternative to the characterless rose. Last Thursday it was time for a lucky few to taste the result during the launch party set in a very chic location in “the golden bend” on the Herengracht.

Unfortunately we missed the official opening where fashion-icon Olcay Gulsen uncorked the first bottle and sommelier Milton Verseput shared his expert opinion. Tough luck, but okay. The first thing we did when we arrived was order two glasses of brusco – served in a whisky glass, very chic indeed. The first sip surprised us; a nice, fresh, light sparkling red wine that is (very) easy to drink and that probably goes well with a simple traditional Italian dish. “Two more please.” Very much in need of some accompanying bites, we unfortunately only encountered a small – but elegant – tray with Italian breadsticks. This didn’t really fill our tummies, so back to the bar; “two more please.” We were just about to take a selfie together with the sexy DJ Egbert-Jan Weber, when we noticed our glasses were empty again! To the bar.. Two baruscows!..Two more barooscows purlease..Two.. You can taste it yourself through Salute! Photos of the product launch here.

 Atmosphere  ★★★★
 Brusco Factor  ★★★★
 Boogie  ★★
 Crowd  ★★★