Lernert Engelberts and Sander Plug (aka ‘Lernert & Sander’) are Amsterdam based artists. We know them for their “high-concept films and installations,” that always come with simple but aesthetic art direction, and with a subtle and often cheeky sense of humour. Last time we wrote about them, we shared their commercials for Burgernet and Knab. This spring the artists created an installation celebrating the arrival of the new collections at clothing store Kiki Niesten in the heart of Maastricht: they “dissembled” last season’s knitted garments of high fashion brands Céline, Chloé, Jil Sander and Prada to balls of yarn. To them these “pure balls” form symbols of hope and aspiration. From 14th till 23rd March their conceptual art will be showcased in the windows of the store. The window installation is part of the renowned art fair TEFAF – Kiki Niesten takes part every year artistically. Produced by Maarten Le Roy (Wrong) and Post produced by Glassworks.