The 2nd edition of the ADCE (Art Director’s Club of Europe) Creative Express, the creative workshop that aims to provide training and promotion to young creatives, takes places in Amsterdam this coming Friday, 14th March. The first edition took place on a train (!) last year; this year the Dutch ADCN hosts the event at its headquarters. The participants are young talents under 28 years old and with at least two years work experience. The 12 candidates, chosen by the different member countries of the ADCE, come from Austria, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom – and at least one of them likes smoking. They will be working in teams under the guidance of senior creatives from the ADCE board. European NGO Democracy International will act as client for the workshop. The challenge: develop communication campaigns aimed at building a more democratic Europe – a Europe of its citizens. We would have suggested: show why Europe is good for its citizens, and thus make it a brand – but that’s us. Participants have also been invited to take part in the ADCE board meeting tomorrow, showing the double objective of the event: being open for the ideas of young professionals and giving them the opportunity to learn from experienced creatives.