Now that the G8 (or technically G7) has put Russia in the corner, the Cold War is freezing up again. In the 80s the Cold War was a daily business. The good thing about it was that it made things clear; you had the West and the East. Today the world has become a little more complicated. Take this website that shows a dynamic 3D world map displaying the volume of viral detections in real time – ironically paying homage to 80s cold war flick War Games. The interactive WebGL environment denotes the virus detections by different colours and symbols depending on the type of threat. Some show the point of detection while others show the source of the threat, linking them with brightly coloured trajectories. The interactive globe also allows you to zoom in and out. The site was created by Minivegas for Kaspersky Lab, a fast growing IT security vendor. It shows that there’s a basic rule that always applies – whether you are fighting the East or the Middle East; when you scare people you can sell them security.