Sizzer Amsterdam created the sound for a commercial made by Leo Burnett Chicago for real estate company Re/Max; “Dream with your eyes open.” We found the commercial so so, but when we saw this short film about the instrument that created the special sound behind it, we at least appreciated the skills of the sound designer. Sizzer approached Thomas Bloch who has worked with Daft Punk, Gorillaz and Tom Waits, and is one of the few artists still playing and mastering instruments like the Theramin, Glass Harmonica, Ondes Martenot and Cristal Bachet. The reason why not many people still play these instruments is because their typical sound is relatively easily mimicked by computers. When we asked Marcel Alexander Wiebenga from Sizzer why they wanted this particular sound, he told us that it’s very good at generating associations of dreams and, particularly, nightmares. Sizzer’s film was shot by Roel van Tour.