This week started with one of our country’s most coveted creativity awards: The ADCN Lampen (‘light bulbs’). Hosted in Amsterdam’s most famous pop-temple, the format of the night broke from tradition. This year, the show was briefed to appeal to those with even the most limited attention span, and jack-of-all-trades Eric Corton, host of the rock ‘n roll themed evening, was burdened with the task of maintaining the audience’s focus throughout the course of the show. And as we all know, that isn’t an easy one. But Corton gave it his all and at times it even seemed like the well-groomed singer, actor/dj/style icon/presenter *gasp for air* was genuinely enjoying himself. Even the snacks were fast: the mini food-court going on in the basement offered unlimited hot dogs to the peckish. ADCN didn’t skimp on any entertainment either.

Choreographed intermezzo’s (and that’s all we are going to say about them) marked the transition from bronze to silver and then to gold. The rock ‘n roll theme extended to the party’s musical entertainment with Jett Rebel (seen just a week or so ago at The Gardeners) and Kraak & Smaak (recently seen at XXS Amsterdam) and DJ Dimitri among others. Paradiso was packed with a blend of our country’s most talented, most influential, and most cheeky. We were pleased to discover the latter after running into a Willem de Kooning student who combined her (!) creative talent and true rock and roll spirit to successfully forge the lamp shaped stamp mark onto her wrist, granting her access to the party. All in all the evening was a great pre-party to the major league of global creative awards. Though with the relative absence of certain international ministries of advertising, we ain’t seen everything our tiny town has to offer. In fact, this is the next challenge for the ADCN, as the brand new Director Dinesh Sonak told the ADCN members; becoming more international and the most creative art director’s club in the world. The evening already was a much appreciated sign that the Art Director’s Club Nederland is busy reinventing itself. We applaud the limitless ambition and look forward to the growth the ADCN aims to deliver! Check out the crowdsourced pictures here.

 Atmosphere  ★★★★
 Food & Bev  
 Crowd  ★★★