After having opened BSUR Shanghai in 2012, BSUR now opens a second office overseas and “expands its international micro-network” (sounding like a boutique-network) with the opening of BSUR São Paulo. The new agency reside in the Rua Harmonia, in the vibrant Vila Madelena neighbourhood and will be led by Ivan Ferraz Mendes Reis (33). Ferraz Mendes Reis has over a decade of experience in branding and communications, having worked for a handful of lifestyle and retail brands, such as Basilar Strategic Alliances, ‘Inbrands’ and Agua de Cheiro. About his new adventure: “The South American region and especially Brazil represents significant opportunities for the BSUR Group. With the unique ‘Concepting’ approach, I am confident we bring something new to the Brazilian marketing and communications industry.” Well, if concepting hasn’t landed in Brazil yet, we’re sure BSUR São Palo will fly!