Head of Strategy at THEY, Boris Nihom (32), is becoming partner at Achtung!. After 8 years THEY Nihom thought it was time for a change. Nihom: “Achtung! is very much in touch with the zeitgeist, understands the desires of modern advertisers and knows what activates consumers. And though Achtung! is a ‘digital native agency’ it is steadily moving towards a world where digital is not a distinctive quality anymore – everything is becoming digital.” A direction that seems the right one for Nihom. In the past couple of years at THEY, he already created strategies that used ‘digital’ not as a medium, but as mode of thinking and that addressed the changing role of the brand. Examples are: Aegon Insurance’s “Play Your Future” platform (winning a Red Dot Grand Prix), Vodafone’s “24/7 Smartphone Crew” and, for the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs, the world’s first content channel produced solely by and for disabled youngsters. So, all in all, a very strategic match.