Jeroen Vroegen

On Thursday the 8th of May my very good friend and creative partner passed away. He went quick. Which is the way he had to go. The only way I would want my dear friend to go. My inspiring, creative friend.

Working together was bliss. Hard work. Late nights. Beer at the keyboard, cigarette in hand, burning that late night oil. That was our style. That’s what it was all about.

Between us we had a bunch of years in the agency circuit, experience on the table, we where ready for our own thing, our own shop: Petrik Sweezie, the Conceptshop. Making Brands Famous. For us the sun had started to

Late night emails: “Just tweeked-out a rough for that website.” Jeroen was dedicated. True to our cause. Non-billable hours, but it had to be right.

And now that chair across from me is empty. No more morning coffees. No more end of  the day beers. No more late night emails. Simple, mundane moments, but so priceless. Always.

Man, am I going to miss you. Your eye for detail, your sharp sense of color and design. Your sense of humour. Ping-ponging concept ideas back and forth, laughing about stupid shit. Unforgettable.

Maybe you’re up there on your cloud now, hanging with Patrick Swayze, having a whiskey, telling him you named your shop after him. Have a boogie and let me hear from you now and again, even if it’s just a fart.

Big love my friend, my partner. Always.

Emiel van Beek