Back in 2012 we interviewed PostPanic‘s co-founder and director Mischa Rozema about a project the agency started on Kickstarter. The production company was raising money to realise an intelligent and “epic” sci-fi film titled Sundays. During this year’s OFFF Festival in Barcelona PostPanic released the second teaser for the short version of the film – with this ‘short’ PostPanic will persuade studios in Hollywood to finance a full feature. PostPanic also built a website where you can find behind-the-scenes footage and posters. The site also pays tribute to the company’s backers on Kickstarter, PostPanic told us. The short will be released towards the end of this year, and the production of the feature film is scheduled for the end of 2015. Though the project is – and has been – a long ride for one of the most ambitious production companies in Amsterdam, the project already tastes like more, since recently PostPanic Pictures was founded, the long format division of PostPanic.