Design agency VBAT has reinforced its management team with Creative Director Graham Sturt, who is assuming overall creative direction duties after having joined the agency 5 years ago. Sturt succeeds Eugene Bay, who co-founded the company in 1984 (!) and who thus makes the ‘B’ in the agency’s name. Due to the agency’s international ambitions VBAT has done quite well over the past 5 years, despite the shrinking Dutch market. For example, last year it opened an office in Mexico to service its clients Sol (beer), among others. This wider playing field requires new focus.

And there is another reason. Eugene Bay, still CEO of VBAT: “I’ve been Creative Director for 30 years now. The company needs fresh blood at the top. Graham Sturt is the person I believe can capture the new company dynamic. He also respects and will protect the creative reputation VBAT has carefully built over the years.” 43-year-old Sturt has worked with a number of leading international agencies during his career (4i, Fitch London, Large Design, Landor and 20|20) and has become specialised in identity development and logo design – with a passion for typography. Sturt about his new role: “My aim is to enable VBAT continued creative excellence by providing outstanding creative ideas for our clients through unique designs and brand experiences. In addition, its my goal for VBAT to be attractive to the best designers in the industry and that we also continue to win international awards with our world-class creative services.”