We already wrote about Mark van der Heijden aka the Backpacker Intern and where his journey has taken him so far. Now we present to you a similar merger of itchy feet and a PR-minded personality; Jonay Sosa, a copywriter from Spain, who is exchanging creative Ideas for Fuel: he is traveling around Europe in a VW California van stopping at different agencies. At the moment he has parked his van in Amsterdam, where he is working for KesselsKramer. Then he’ll be traveling to Germany, followed by Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Eesti, Latvia, Lietuva, and the polar circle in Norway as destination. So far he has 5000+ km on the counter. Sosa has been working at Saatchi in Madrid the past seven years and since he loves to travel and has no family or mortgage this was the time to leave. Besides a lot of driving and working Sosa is also busy with a “Street Art Poetry” project consisting of stamps and pictures. The work in progress can be followed via his Instagram account.