On October 7th the yearly 24Festival (previously 24 Hours of Advertising) – organised by the VEA (representing Advertising Agencies) and BVA (representing Advertisers) – takes place at the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam. The central theme of the festival is ‘Will it blend?” Or, in different wording: how effective are today’s creative collaborations? Kingsday created a video, inspired by the famous Blendtec films, in which a Cannes Lion and an Effie award are blended – so, the answer is yes.

The festival consists of many different lectures, discussions and classes; the Effie Awards show, 24Talks (“Analogue goes digital”, “Blending with the crowd” and “Advertising meets corporate responsibility”), the Cannes Lions Reel (repeated 24 hours non-stop), 24Academy (lectures and classes for students and young professionals), 24Bootcamp (multi-disciplinary teams produce a brand/product concept and prototype and present it to a client), 24Consult (free consultations for small businesses offered by industry professionals), 24Labs (dive deeper in what you’ve learned and discuss it with industry professionals), and – last but not least – Industry Drinks.

Sounds promising. Especially since last year we thought the line up leaned a touch too heavily on marketing. This year the program has a clear proposition, interesting for both clients and agencies. Since the festival will be held predominantly in Dutch and thus excludes our precious expat community, we were asked to be mediapartner again and share the most important insights we take home. You can get tickets here.