Since a few years one of Holland’s cheapest textile stores has been exploring ‘creative’ advertising. All of its previous efforts had quite some impact and generated lots of PR (e.g. turning a pair of boxer’s and later a t-shirt into a desirable (cult) item and secretly presenting its collection on a catwalk during the fashion week), but the greater strategic vision was still lacking.

This time the strategy is there; for everyone (or, in our words: what you see is what you get). Zeeman asked its consumers (or people that simply wanted the exposure, we guess) to be underwear models. 8000 people said yes (which is impressive in itself) and 90 were eventually captured on photo/film. The result is ‘Dove Real People’ – but this time for real. The fact that it’s more or less copy-pasted from an old campaign, makes the effort concept-wise fairly poor.

The good news however is that it will most likely do the brand lots of good. And, as said, this time it even makes sense. Created by Persuade Brand Interaction, directed/photographed by Marijke de Gruijter.