The talent scout division of MassiveMusic, Massive Talent, launched a new website together with quite a crafty video showcasing how they work. A website that has been designed by their own A&R Manager and graphic designer Titia van Beckum in collaboration with Daan Spangenberg.

The video gives a glimpse into the daily work of MassiveTalent’s Dieuwertje Heuvelings (left in picture) and Titia van Beckum (both called “the ears”): how they help talented artists (from 26 countries!) to score record deals by linking them to advertisements – a win-win for both parties.

What’s interesting about the website is that the team can now use a tool called “Mood Selector,” which is a search engine for the specific sounds of each talents. Van Beckum about the gimmick: “Although we can find the matching artist for a project or brand within the hour – we notice that directors and producers do like to discover music themselves, so with this tool we want to make it as easy and nice as possible for them.

The direct relationship between the team of MassiveTalent and the artists also ensures that songs can be licensed within 36 hours.