We’re proud to introduce our new website, that was smartly designed and built by MediaMonks. It is the fourth major website change, since our launch in 2008.

The most important things that have changed this time – apart from a new, state of the art look, of course – are: an updated logo, the menu hidden behind a button, the articles getting a lot more space, with larger images, a huge top banner (that will go live a little later), a page displaying all our contributors, two new typefaces (Freight and Kurversbrug, the latter being used for big headers), a category-search engine for both agencies and jobs, and – last but not least – a fully responsive website that can be viewed on any device. What has remained is the general lay-out (main bar and side bar with vertical scroll), the fresh, clean appearance and intuitive navigation.

In the next few weeks, we’ll be completing the site, so if certain functions don’t work optimally or content looks funky; bare with us, we’re working on it. In any case, we’d love to hear your feedback.