Yesterday Pitcher was launched, a new app conceived by Woedend! tapping into the modern trend of clients quickly switching between creative agencies. The app is inspired by Tinder and allows the marketeer, who’s not familiar enough with the agency landscape, to get acquainted with different agencies that match his/her specific assignment. The marketeer only needs to submit his/her brand category, the campaign type and the available pitch fee. Then Pitcher shows matching agencies and, just like in Tinder, you can swipe left or right to discard or add the agency too your shortlist. The app even has the option to call an agency directly or send an e-mail to invite it to take part in the pitch.

Creative Director Merien Kunst (Woedend!): “The current pitch culture is not sustainable. Brands are increasingly flirty and agencies need to invest more time and money in smaller projects and shorter relationships. It does not improve the quality of campaigns and ultimately no one benefits. However, instead of fighting it, we like to embrace it. We believe that this free app really adds value for marketeers.” Woedend! collaborated with Amsterdam Ad Blog for both our expertise and content.

Wouter Boon, founder of AAB; “When Woedend! approached us to work together, we immediately said yes. The idea suits us very well because we are always interested in the stuff that innovates our industry. That’s exactly what this app does.” Here’s a short video explaining the app, and here you can download it.