French freelance art director and illustrator David Troquier moved to Amsterdam a couple of months ago. The inspiration the city gives him is converted into sketches that he captures and spreads with Instagram and Tumblr. He calls it ‘cartoon bombing.’ Troquier also recently started a comics blog named RandomDam.

Troquier grew up in a small town named La Roche-sur-Yon, in France, and always wanted to be a creative – he drew comic books ever since he was able to hold a pen. When he studied ‘Visual Communication’ in Nantes he discovered advertising and loved the daily challenge of coming up with original stories to answer clients’ briefs. He then moved to Paris to work at DDB and BETC on clients such as Canal+, Loto and 13th street and picked up several awards.

He tells us that his cartoon experience helps him in his daily work: “It’s a great advantage using my drawings in concepting; I can quickly draw a dozen pictures, for a storyboard or print ad, and then immediately see what works best. And for productions it also helps, since I can more easily convey how I see things (angle, attitude, etc.) to the production company, director or photographer.

Troquier came to Amsterdam after having worked in Paris for 8 years. He wanted a change of scenery and chose for Amsterdam because of its creative reputation. When asked whether his expectations were met he says: “Yes, definitely, Amsterdam is a city alive, with really cool and inspiring people.