Amsterdam’s zoo Artis has opened Micropia, the world’s first museum unveiling the world of microbes (read: micro organisms, such as bacteria, moulds, algae, viruses, etc.), a world that is normally invisible to the human eye.

What’s interesting about microbes is that they have the power to both destroy and protect us. Ebola is an obvious example of the former, but most of the bacteria and fungi that live in and on us are perfectly safe. And as this commercial clearly shows, our body is infested with them, both on the inside as well as the outside – we in fact carry one hundred thousand billion microbes.

Dawn was responsible for the brand name and strategy, and collaborated with Part of a Bigger Plan – which is clearly visible through Christian Borstlap’s signature style – to create an international campaign. A job very well done; if there’s one campaign that can turn our microbes into adorable creatures, it’s this one.

The film was shot by Wouter Westendorp, the costume made by Carla IJff and the sound was done by The Ambassadors.