Electrified. A bit of a lazy pun, but that’s how we felt when watching this ad.

When you normally talk about the power of a car, you talk about horsepower. And we can all, more or less, imagine what the power of a horse is. But what to envision when talking about kilowatts?

Achtung! asked itself this question and then came up with the idea to show the equivalent of 306 kilowatts in different household appliances. Cause that’s what we normally work with, when talking about electricity.

Compliments here for Porsche as well. How tempting must if have been for them to say; I only want to see the real parts of my beautiful Cayenne Hybrid. Especially when you motor is the most powerful hybrid on the market.

Conform today’s trend the ‘making of’ is even more impressive than the commercial itself. Cause it conveys the love and craft put into the commercial. For example, it shows that the further the pedal is pushed down, the more appliances start to work. Oh, and if you still think horses; it’s 416 horsepower.

The 3D modelling was done by Jeroen Brinkhuis, the film was directed by Roel Boorsma, shot by Eric Halberstadt, produced by Smarthouse, and the sound was done by Audentity.