Playgrounds International Digital Arts Festival is a festival for innovative and creative digital art. The four-day festival, taking place in Tilburg and Amsterdam, presents an impression of the latest developments in technology as well as creativity. The festival, offering a program filled with artist talks, workshops, masterclasses, meet ‘n’ greets, screenings, interactive installations and live performances, kicks off on October 28 in Tilburg and will come to Amsterdam’s Stadsschouwburg on 30 and 31 October.

The ‘artist talks’ form the most important part of the program; about ideas and concepts, the creative process, exploring your limits or those of the client, or what you can learn from a failed pitch. And of course there will be plenty of “breathtaking” visuals.

Confirmed speakers include Oscar winner and Computer Graphics Supervisor Alexis Wajsbrot, Andrew Thomas Huang (known from music videos for Thom York and Björk), Kevin Dart (artwork for Dreamworks, Pixar and Laika), London based studio MOMOCO.

For more information and tickets (the festival was sold out the past four editions) check the website of the festival.