Just like last year De Persgroep organises the Creative Press Challenge, a contest among the best ad people in the industry to create a one-page newspaper ad.

The idea behind it is to show that “bad ideas can’t hide in print.” And, of course, the contest is to promote the newspaper as advertising medium. Recently De Persgroep launched a B2B campaign in which it said; “without attention no exposure,” positioning itself as a medium that offers the attention a 30-second commercial or a banner don’t.

The Creative Press Challenge (CPC) is invitation-only and the creatives on the “shortlist” will receive their invitation tomorrow. There are also 10 wildcards available. If you think you deserve one – and aren’t invited tomorrow – you can try to persuade the CPC to add you to the list.

Then, on November 13, there will be an official kick off with a briefing that includes a virtual reality installation powered by the Oculus Rift and allows the participants to meet the client and ask questions. Oh, not unimportantly, the client is: Foundation for Refugee Students.

The jury – announced in June – consists of Mark Chalmers (Vice), Mark Woerde (LEMZ), Bas Engels (TBWA\Neboko), Mardjan Seighali (Foundation for Refugee Students) and Philippe Remarque (de Volkskrant). On December 9th the winners will be announced.