How to promote a car-sharing program that hasn’t really changed? You simply come up with typical car-sharing features and give them a new name, such as W.a.R.P. SPaSS and TaP-Ass. And, more importantly, you choose a “German Robo-Vixen” – as the press release calls her – to explain them.

There is one feature in the ‘all new’ Car2Go 2015 that its car-sharing competitors don’t have and that is as sexy as its presenter; Free-P. In less suggestive language; free parking. You can park it anywhere you like. And, wait, there is actually one more that is not mentioned; the car runs on electricity! Combine this with the robo-vixen and the sparks could have been flying from your screen.

In any case, Care2Go has just become sexier than ever. Thanks to Khanna\Reidinga. The online film was directed by Tim Klaasse, shot by Gregg Telussa, and the motion graphics were done by Stefan de Geer.