This that + the other created a Walkumentary about the shoot of Pharrell Williams’ famous Happy 24-hour videoclip. Jon Beattie explains the challenges of making the music video, while walking backwards through the crowded streets of New York. The original clip also consisted of Beattie walking backwards, through the crowded streets of Los Angeles, for 10 miles a day for 11 days, strapped to the 100-pound camera.

The film created for Hi-Tec is really catchy, and the first mini doc in a series of documentaries about walking. Here‘s a second one, about Yassan’s Proposal. The documentaries are to demonstrate how walking can lead to extraordinary things – and of course it is Hi-Tec that inspires these people to walk.

This that +the other is founded by Philip Brink and Hugo van Woerden who created a viral for Hi-Tec that became world famous. Back then they worked at CCCP. Later they moved to Wieden+Kennedy and today they have their own agency.

The film was directed by Philip Brink and Ilja Willems, produced by Francine van der Lee and post produced by Storm.