Digital Dinner is a night where “Creative directors and their talented juniors share the dinner table for a massive feast”, enjoy the “finest food”, “cool beverages” and “insights and ideas that could change your lives” held at the Volkshotel Amsterdam.

Sounds pretty good, right? That’s what I thought as one of the juniors invited.

Hosted by Mervyn ten Dam from ACHTUNG! – one of the agencies making the event possible – the evening featured 3 speakers. Who, in between the courses, held a talk within the theme: “seamlessly digital.”

Thecla Scheaffer spoke about G-Star’s RAW for the oceans campaign. They turned plastic waste into jeans and turned a complicated technical process into an simple, engaging story with a cute mascot, a nice explanimation and a bunch of shareable GIFs. Oh and they collaborated with Pharrell. So no wonder they got such happy results.

Pixar’s Michael B. Johnson was up next with an entertaining story about the hardships of trying to get storyboard artists to ditch their pen and paper and start using computers. Sprinkled with great quotes and funny anecdotes. The best one? “Pain is temporary, suck is forever.”

The final speaker, Borre Akkersdijk from ByBorre, gave us a peek into a future where wearables are not only functional but also fashionable. Check out his BB suit 0.1 in which he roamed the streets at SXSW or BB. suit 0.2 which filters smog and forms a clean air bubble around it’s wearer.

So inspirational speeches, good food and free booze.

That’s pretty good right? What was missing?

Let’s start with the thing there was an abundance of: Old. Men. Seriously. Of course 50% of the Digital Dinner Guests were supposed to be ‘old’. That’s the concept: creative directors bring their talented juniors. But it seemed like hardly any of the attendees sticked to it, there were almost no juniors.

Just to be clear. There is nothing wrong with old men (we can still not do without them), but it’s a pity that just a few juniors, who also need the inspiration, were invited.

So, Digital Dinner 2014 was an inspirational event and a fun night. But next year, seniors, bring your juniors!

They’re not just drinking the free drinks, you know. From a digital perspective, they can actually be just as inspiring as the people on stage.