ADCN has just presented a new, multidisciplinary board, representing a mix of perspectives and experiences in the field of creativity in advertising and design. The organization answered its member’s call for a more open culture and inspiration coming from beyond the ADCN and its area of expertise. Director Dinesh Sonak: “The best new ideas come to life on the boundary of different disciplines. We will bring together creation with other disciplines to discover new applications of creativity.

For the first time ADCN’s management board does not only consist of creatives, but also marketeers such as Mark van Iterson (Global Head of Design en Concept Heineken), Eva Zahrawi Ruiz (Head of Brand & Marcom Vodafone Nederland) and Marjolijn Meynen (Head of Communications and Marketing at the Rijksmuseum). Together with the other board members they form the general management giving advice on the content of activities planned for 2015 besides the ADCN Awards and the yearbook.

The goal for 2015 is a program stimulating creativity on the levels of talent, culture and work. Small committees will focus on different themes, such as the boundary between advertising and design, digital innovation and creativity on the marketing agenda.

Chairman Lode Schaeffer about the new board members: “The ADCN can work on its mission: to make ‘Agency The Netherlands’ the best in the world. I welcome the new board members with open arms and would like to thank the leaving members for their energy and commitment with which we could build the groundwork for this new ADCN.

(Portraits by Bas de Graaf)