It’s rather old school to ask your agency to create a game out of a successful commercial. But in this case we understand. First of all, because we can imagine that Philips wants to further capitalise on Afterglow, the stunning film (created by Sweetgrass) of some pro skiers owning the mounting at night by wearing LED suits to promote Philips’ Ambilight.

Secondly because the game is actually quite a genuine extension of the film – and very addictive, for that matter.

Part of the success of this game is the fact that it is built in WebGL, a new technique that enables you to render 3D content real-time in your browser without needing plugins – so, yes, you can even play it on your old fashioned Apple devices.

The game was created by Achtung!, produced by Superhero Cheesecake and Colorbleed, and the sound was done by Wave Studios.