Last Thursday the second Creative Press Challenge (CPC) was kicked off by De Persgroep at Club ADCN. The charity this year is the Foundation for Refugee Students, UAF. Which is why the briefing was presented in a very special way, namely through an installation with a treadmill and an Oculus Rift that enabled the more than 100 creatives to experience what it’s like to be on the run.

Technically challenging in making this briefing happen was that the 3D world had to adapt to the runner. Thijs Biersteker, who was responsible for the concept and art direction; “Hacking a treadmill with Arduino, building the 3D world with Unity3D and creating a flexible VO that made sense regardless the pace of the runner proved a nightmare. But being able to stretch the briefing in such a way also gave us lots of satisfaction.” Here you can find the casefilm.

The copy of the film was written by Pieter van der Heuvel, Thispagecannotbefound was responsible for the digitial production, Daniel Noguiera (Cake) for the direction of the film and Amp.Amsterdam for the sound.

More info about the CPC can be found here and photos here.