Amsterdam based SuperHeroes is growing quickly. A year ago they moved to a bigger office, today they are opening an office in New York. The main reason is winning the global Asus account.

Asus asked SuperHeroes to promote the 2-in-1 Transformer Book T100, which is a hybrid between a laptop and a tablet – a product that was earlier this year advertised for Sony by Amsterdam Worldwide. Instead of pleasing the two brain halves, the proposition SuperHeroes chose is: how to get everything done on the fly.

The film, dubbed “modern birds,” features Edward, a Tufted Titmouse, who in three different online films show how the T100 enables you to do everything wherever, whenever. Something the busy New Yorkers, who clearly modelled for this ad, might be able to relate to. Oh, and Edward’s two arms are a tribute to the internet meme ‘birds with arms.’

We’re not sure whether the product will be a winner (aren’t we simply using our mobile phone on the fly?), but that’s something you can’t really solve with advertising.

Created by SuperHeroes, directed by Andrew Watson and Maarten Boon and produced by Minivegas.