We all like sustainable companies, but when it comes to choosing our bank, we don’t really care how they invest their money. That’s why this somewhat sophisticated and even difficult metaphor – clearly aimed at a higher educated target group – is quite striking; we just sit there and wait.

Through this message, with which Triodos is bursting on TV at the moment, Triodos tells us aptly that we can actually do something about climate change. Or, more accurately, we can at least put our money where our heart is. Hence the pay off; “Follow your heart, Use your head.”

There is also a dedicated website, on which Triodos shares 5 facts that should give insight in how we can change the economy. Apart from the frog these are 4 important insights: “You are not a machine,” “You are a million” (referring to the butterfly effect), “Bosses are out of fashion,” “Don’t trust a banker with your money.” Food for thought.

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