The funny Christmas sweaters are out, snow globes are in. That is, two Amsterdam agencies created Christmas greetings by using a virtual snow globe shaker; Wieden+Kennedy (“Merry ‘Dam Xmas”) and AKQA (“Winterlands“). Both websites – that should be checked out on a mobile device to be able to shake the snow – allow you to send a personal message as a virtual Christmas card.

There are some differences though, Wieden’s globe is not really a globe, they’ve basically copied the shake-the-snow-effect on a 2D screen.

AKQA built a 3D globe in which you can actually look around. In fact, AKQA launches with 6 different snowscapes, and will eventually (hopefully before the new year) offer 14 different ones  – 13 of them representing the different offices. Technically speaking AKQA used low-poly 3D modelling and rendering and the new iOS 8 WebGL capabilities to view the 3D graphics without additional mobile browser software.