Since September we have a new talent in town; Duncan Gidney. A filmmaker and photographer from Canada who is looking to get into advertising. To show us his skills he created this catchy film about his life.

Gidney moved to Amsterdam when he and his partner Rebecca found out she could get an Irish passport – forming a passage to Europe. Since his grandmother was Dutch, Holland seemed a natural fit. And, he adds, “it didn’t hurt that we fell in love with the city when we visited last year.”

So Amsterdam is a dream come true for him, especially with a ‘Museumkaart,’ since he is passionate about art. But it’s not just that; “Amsterdam has been inspiring in a million ways, from its food, architecture, parks (great for our dog Peanut), friendly people, bikes, markets, shops and everything in-between.

Gidney is originally form Victoria BC. A place “for older people and newlyweds.” So, “growing up there, I had to make my own fun: putting on rock shows, making zines, writing and directing plays.” In Canada he did Film and Photography at the Concordia University and at some point founded his own media company.

At the moment he is editing a dreamy spy film that he shot before leaving Canada and is working on some collaborative photo/video projects (here’s one) with Christopher Bradford.

As said, he now wants to extend his scope towards the ad industry: “I love creative problem solving and that’s how I see advertising. I want to combine my creative side with my business side to produce memorable work.