After last week’s events in Paris, followed by protests that spread beyond the French borders, advertising creatives Paul van Vliet, Lennard Freij and Bas Boterman launched the interactive website

On the site visitors are given a blanc canvas and a black pen. With the credo: “This is where we draw the line,” anyone who feels the urge to make their voice heard and believes in the pen as the only legitimate weapon to defend the freedom of expression, is invited to draw something. All drawings are connected through one big line, a symbol for solidarity and the way people are standing together in protest.

The website is not only intended as a platform for protest, but also as an online memorial to commemorate the victims of the attack in Paris. The initiators about their project: “In our profession, the freedom to express whatever we want is crucial. This initiative unites anyone who feels moved by the Paris tragedy.

Unfortunately, as the image above shows, not everyone is as skilled as Charlie Hebdo’s cartoonists.