The nice thing about sponsoring FC Barcelona is that you can use its ‘assets’ in your advertising. And agency 180 could thus create a typical football commercial for Qatar Airways without actually directly working for a football brand. In fact, having worked on Adidas for ages, probably helped the agency acquire the account in the first place.

Just like last time (in 2013), 180 made the commercial really catchy. For a large part thanks of course to the Gods of football; Iniesta, Piqué (great method acting!), Messi, Neymar and Suarez.

While in the previous commercial a selection of FCB players visited the “land of FC Barcelona” (smartly using its shield for the shape of the country), this time Qatar wants to tell us it flies to 140 destinations. From Dallas to Paris – and thus, quite stereo-typically, from cowboys to mime players.

Production value galore. Sometimes – but only sometimes – we’d wish Holland owned oil fields…

Directed by Agustin Alberdi, produced by Stink and Twenty-Four Seven, Post production MPC Amsterdam.