Working for the flower council is a good thing. Even in difficult times, they seem to have a constant budget for making (online) commercials. Only last October they aired their last commercial – scoring 2 million hits online. And now, with Valentine’s day around the corner, they release yet another one. Again with quite a bit of production value – shot in Verona. It shows that flowers are still one of Holland’s main export products.

Anyway, the latest Kingsday commercial, just like the previous one, shows how people react to flowers. It’s not as sophisticated, but easily able to force a smile on our faces. Not because of the drone (or ‘cupidrone’). But because of the genuine reactions of the people walking into a rose – except their pointing in the air. Smartly proving its pay-off ‘funny how flowers do that.’

Nice to know: Juliet Capulet’s purported balcony also gets a cameo.

It was created by Kingsday, directed by Edwin Nikkels and produced by Back2Back.