Storytelling, supposedly that’s what advertising is all about today. There’s one agency in town, Wieden+Kennedy, that has not just picked up this trend and made it its true skill. It has even turned it into a sophisticated caricature – if that’s not a contradiction in terms.

Thanks to clients such as (Booking.yeah!) who have the budget to overdo things. Netflix is another one. The ingredients seem to be: a quirky storyline, some socially awkward settings, at least one turquoise sea, and a full American voice-over. It makes the quintessential Wieden+Kennedy commercial. And we suspect it works like a charm.

Nice to know; the anecdotes from this “Booking hero” have been sourced from real customer reviews – which probably makes the caricature a little more credible.

Directed by Dante Ariola, shot by Benoît Delhomme, produced by MJZ, post produced by Glassworks Amsterdam and sound design by Wave Studios.