A ship works well, Heineken and Wieden+Kennedy probably thought after last year’s commercial The Odyssey – in which the main character constantly changes into someone else. Different ship this time. Clearly a bit shabbier. But with some inventiveness the entire crew wears a suit at the end and is able to watch the Champion’s League in style. Heineken, after all, is a premium pilsener.

With the same inventiveness the crew turns the propeller into a TV dish and makes a bottle magically refill itself so that there’s beer for the entire ship. Just to tell us: in the world of Heineken everything is possible. Spectacular. As always.

Directed by Frederic Bond, shot by Roman Vasyanov, production by Sonny and post production by The Mill. The song is “Viva la Pappa col Pomodoro” by Rita Pavone, and the post audio was done by Grand Central.