Retail is getting punched around at the moment. In fact, an almost unprecedented amount of retail chains are going bankrupt at the moment. Thanks to a faltering economy and internet shopping becoming the norm – especially in fashion.

So when you get a brief from value fashion chain C&A, you really need to think twice before you come up with an idea. It can’t be too fashionable – cause C&A isn’t – and it can’t be too cheap – cause there’s way too much competition at the bottom. That’s why we believe KesselsKramer did quite a decent job with this online (mood) film for the European market.

Though it’s a typcial fashion film, “Today’s look is for the dogwalk, not the catwalk” does give it a distinct tone of voice and look and feel. It is derived from C&A’s heritage; it was one of the first fashion brands (founded in 1841) to democratize fashion, allowing anyone to look good – an H&M avant la lettre, as it were.

Directed by Charlie Crane and produced by Knucklehead.