Dutch director and visual artist Shueti, who impressed us before with the commercial he made for G-Star, created this super aesthetic film for Asus’ new Transformer Book Chi. The film, shot in rural China, aims to convey the meaning of ‘Chi,’ a Japanese word for (the hard solid objects of the) Earth representing things like stubbornness, stability and confidence.

In the digital world of flashy competitors with limitless possibilities and specs, this is clearly something that makes you breath in and out again. You’d wonder whether the design and operation system is as ‘chi’ as the commercial – quite brave not to show the product! The payoff “Feel the beauty, live the power” sounds like good old marketing lingo again, so it’s probably a normal computer.

Created by Superheroes, produced by Revolver, post produced by Captcha!, shot by Thomas Buelens and sound design by The Ambassadors.