Design Bridge has created a new packaging for Senseo, the brand that introduced single servings – in pad format – to the Dutch market already in 2001. At the time it was a revolution, while today it has somewhat lost its quality coffee image – since Nespresso has raised the bar quite a bit.

Senseo – owned by the classic Dutch coffee brand Douwe Egberts – knocked on Design Bridge’s door because it felt that its packaging had lost some of its personality and visual connection to coffee. It goes without saying that with the heavy competition in the coffee market (both at home and out of home) it is essential to look attractive and intuitively communicate the taste of quality coffee on your packaging.

With this design Design Bridge wants to reintroduce the coffee appetite to the design and improve “brand stand out at shelf.” The most important attribute for this message is obviously the cup of coffee with a thick layer of crema and the Senseo ‘S’ clearly standing out. Together with the warmer overal look it does indeed trigger our taste buds.