As ad folk we often defend our profession by saying that consumers actually like to be seduced, by offering them expectations beyond the product. We give them something to fantasize about and thus add a comfortable layer of imagination on top of their lives.

The proposition of this commercial for Russian airline S7 strongly supports this theory; “Fly to any place you can imagine.” Though we have to admit that the product itself is already automatically part of our fantasies.

The film kicks off a little familiar – beginning of this year we saw something similar – but then turns into a beautiful aha-moment. That makes you want fly S7 Airlines straight away!

Created by Wieden+Kennedy (which is beginning to become the ‘travel-the-world’ agency), directed by Joshua Neale, shot by Mattias Rudh and produced by Hype (Russia) and Smuggler. Post by MPC London and music by Woodwork and sound by Wave.