What would happen if we could paint with light? The Rijksmuseum’s General Director Wim Pijbes asks himself this question – as Philips is an important sponsor of the museum. And of the exhibition ‘Late Rembrandt‘ that is drawing in thousands of people from around the world at the moment.

Pablo Picasso already asked himself the same question, some 65 years ago. But of course Philips takes things to the “next dimension.” Which means painting with infrared – a camera catches the light and turns it into images. The technique was once invented through a hacked Wii console, but has now been refined (for this activation) by Graffiti Artists.

With “Become one of the portraits” Philips also tries to activate the crowd. It invites you to get yourself one of those flashy paintings, made by Eelco van den Berg. You can upload a picture of yourself and if you’re lucky your light portrait will be featured on a canvas of 6 x 6.5 meters, launched in the main hall of the Rijksmuseum on the 25th of March – the canvas will be visible at night from the public bicycle tunnel that crosses the Rijksmuseum until 8 April.

Created by Ogilvy.