Last Saturday PostPanic Pictures premiered Sundays at Eye (film museum). Sundays is a 15-minute short with dystopian and futuristic look and feel, shot in Mexico and financed partly through Kickstarter. The short stars US actor Brian Petsos and Mexican actress Sofia Sisniega and described by PostPanic as a “philosophical science-fiction.”

The Amsterdam based hybrid film company with international ambitions created the short as a proof of concept for Hollywood, so that the studios want to invest in it, but at the same time will respect its original vision. The story is conceived by director Mischa Rozema, who started making sketches of the movie already 7 years ago.

Jules Tervoort, who started PostPanic with Rozema and is the producer on this mega project, told the audience after the premiere on stage that they are aiming to complete the full feature within 3 years time. Once there is a budget, he said, they will start planning.

We interviewed Mischa Rozema, about his “baby,” in 2012 – here you can find the interview. And here the official website of the project.