The paradox of the smart watch is that it doesn’t really make your life more comfortable. Sure, it makes communication quicker, shorter and easier, but also demands your attention constantly. So, instead of writing a long letter (read: email) once in a while to explain something in depth, you are constantly farting back and forth with others. And not just with your mates, but also with your apps.

That’s exactly what this commercial illustrates quite beautifully. Naturally in an analogue format, cause it is made to introduce a new kind of smart watch, that is called Vector and was unveiled in Basel last week. It uses its technology to simplify your life, instead of making it more noisy, which means that it requires minimal interaction and adapts to your individual needs. “Less interaction, more relevance” is how the brand describes this.

And that’s also why it looks like a normal watch and only needs to be recharged once every month. You could thus summarise it as a smart watch that deserves the name smart watch.

…, Staat was responsible for the visual identity and the brand film, which was directed by our favourite (Amsterdam) artist duo Lernert & Sander – check out their website for more aesthetic pleasure.