Judit Kun, Ramin Bahari and Peter Polman love Game of Thrones and don’t like spoilers. That’s why they created a (beta) plug-in ‘Friends of Thrones‘ for Chrome that blocks all the Game of Thrones spoilers.

The plug-in replaces all the names (e.g. “Tyrion and Cersei” is replaced by “Ross and Rachel”) and images of the GoT characters. Even the GoT videos are replaced by Friends’ videos.

The team’s explanation: “Because even though we love and have a very deep relationship with every single one of our Facebook friends, and we want to see what’s up with them, we REALLY don’t want to know their latest musings on Game of Thrones. Because we, for one, wish to honor this piece of art, and wait until the very end of the season to binge-watch it in a chair made of swords with 68 bags of Cheetos.

Quite a bit of work to binge-watch Season 5. Then again, now they can binge-watch it while the nerdy press is writing about them. Luxury.