We usually don’t like to copy-paste from press releases, but we couldn’t possibly improve the copy that came with KesselsKramer‘s press release explaining the “I’m not here right now” campaign for Women Inc.:

It’s amongst the buzziest of social buzzwords right now, and a favourite in the mouths of politicians and employers; “we live in a participatory society”. It sounds very modern and forward thinking, which is no doubt why politicians like it so much. But, when you scrub off the grease and grime of contemporary popularity the truth is that the Netherlands are hopelessly behind the times in terms of their approach to the gender division of work and care.

Women continue to take on twice as much responsibility for social care as men, and they will most likely be the ones shouldered with the burden as care tasks continue to increase. This issue has been swept under the rug for far too long which is why Women Inc. are calling on the women of Holland to stop, and take a time out on the 1st of May to take stock of the division of work and care in their own lives.

The goal of this campaign is to prevent additional social care duties automatically appearing on women’s ‘to-do’ lists. And, according to Women Inc., it is to address society at large, giving the issue the social and political attention it deserves.

Photography by Annie Colligne.