There once was an agency that called itself 2008. Each year it would change its name into the new year – 2009, 2010, etc. – to prove it was state of the art. Soon however the agency found out that a name change every year was not very practical. On top of that, as you can imagine, the name was not very SEO-friendly.

Since the “Queensday” has turned into “Kingsday” (or in Dutch ‘Koningsdag’) there’s an agency that has to deal with a similar SEO problem; Kingsday. It’s also the name of a national holiday (on the 27th of April). The day when Holland gets drunk and wears orange to honour the royal family.

Though the agency had the foresight to claim the unique URL when Kingsday was still Queensday, the name itself is not unique anymore. That’s why, instead of claiming to ‘own’ Kingsday, the agency this year claims to have found the perfect orange to wear during Kingsday; Dress like a kingHere‘s how they found the right colour – just so you know, speaking English with a thick Dutch accent is the new… orange.